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Supervision & Training Opportunities

Empower Your Clinical Journey with Expert Mentorship in IFS and CPP.

At The Curiosity Center, we are passionate about nurturing the next generation of talented therapists to reach their full potential. Our Supervision and Training Opportunities are specifically designed to guide you through your licensure journey and provide you with in-depth training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP).

By joining our team, you are not just starting a job but embarking on a remarkable journey of growth, skill enhancement, and professional maturity. Here’s why The Curiosity Center can be the ideal launchpad for your career:

The Center:
The Curiosity Center is mixed between an agency and private practice. You will learn the needed skills to be successful in both types of settings, while also benefiting from the perks each of those settings offer. 

Expert Supervision:
Our experienced supervisor, Pyar Khatri LMFT / LPCC, practices from a lens of reflective supervision. They specialize in IFS and CPP, and while supervising you, they are committed to mentoring you through relationally based and client-centered therapeutic approaches, ensuring you acquire hands-on expertise while contributing to our mission.

Depth of Experience:
At The Curiosity Center, we handle a broad range of cases, demographics, and mental health struggles. Working alongside us will expose you to this rich diversity, fostering your competencies in individual, youth, and family therapy across various life stages and challenges.

Learning IFS & CPP:
These transformative models are revered for their effectiveness in addressing trauma, familial conflicts, behavioral issues, and more. Receive comprehensive training in these sought-after therapeutic approaches.

Supportive Environment:
Our supportive and rich learning environment encourages constructive feedback, reflection, and self-care. We believe that personal wellbeing is integral to being an effective therapist, and hence, we strive to promote a healthy work-life balance for our team.

The Curiosity Center is currently seeking associates to grow with our team. Accelerate your journey towards becoming a fully licensed, proficient therapist by joining The Curiosity Center. Embark on a fulfilling career path, gain invaluable experience in IFS and CPP, and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those seeking mental wellbeing.

Associates Receive

  • Weekly, 2 hour group supervision
  • Weekly, 1 hour individual supervision
  • Weekly 1-2 hour trainings
    • Company focuses on Child-Parent Psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems; the trainings will have an emphasis on these modalities.
  • Access to the company’s 401(K) plan
  • 48 (of client) hours of paid time off annually. 
  • Welcomed and encouraged to take 4 weeks of unpaid time off annually.
  • Access to the company’s health, vision, and dental benefits
  • A yearly stipend up to $6000
  • A PsychologyToday profile

Application Process 

Please send your application to

  • Include
    • Your cover letter
    • Your resume (with at least one reference listed)

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